Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long after my asphalt driveway is done, can I drive or walk on it?
A. It depends on the weather condition at the time the asphalt is done. Typically 24-48 hours would be the preferred period of time for the asphalt to properly set up. When your job is completed, the workman on site will inform you of the time frame for your specific conditions and needs.

Q. What is the longevity of asphalt?
A. 10-20 years depending on sub grade and severity of use.

Q. I live in an area where there is a lot of vacant land. Even though I treat for weeds, there is a weed pushing up through my new asphalt. What can I do?
A. Keep treating for weeds,especially around edge of asphalt. If a weed pushes through the asphalt, you can take a long nail, and hammer it through the crown. Spray weed killer in opening. Let the area stand for 24 hrs. After the wait period, pull as much weed that you can out of the hole and hammer down the crown to the level of surrounding area. A rubber mallet would work best for this application. Make sure you complete the last step when the asphalt has had time to warm up during the afternoon hours.

Q. The asphalt paving I had done 5 years ago needs a lift. It is starting to look faded. What causes this and how can I make it look new again?
A. Seal coating is recommended to protect and seal the surface from sun and aging. It will protect from oxidation, weather conditions, and makes the surface look like new.

Q. I had construction done on my house last week. The contractors broke off a small edge of my drive. Can this be repaired?
A. Yes. We can bring over a small portion of hot asphalt and repair the break.